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Welcome To DakshERP Docs(Cold Storage & Warehouse Software)

Our Software manages all most all the functionalities of the cold storage such as Reduces reports generation time and increases the quality and accuracy of information. It obtain instant up-to-date information regarding the Account and Stock Position at any time, which leads to efficient utilization of time and enhancement services to the customers.
Information regarding the availability of space in various chambers can be obtained at any point of time, just at the click of the mouse. Goods Inward Acknowledgment, Storage agreement, Floor-wise / Commodity-wise Billing Statements, Customer-wise Stock Position & Stock Ledger, Overall Stock Position & Stock Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trail Balance, Profit Loss Statements.

This Documentation will give you a descriptive guidance about how to use this software.

Here's a video for an overall view of products made by Daksh Technology